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Visible Illusions

Hello, I'm Cheska and I'm a photo hobbyist.

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September 1st

I spent the first day of September with these guys. It’s my first time to meet Gian, and Mica. Too bad Gab and Zacc couldn’t join us. :( I don’t have decent shots here, okay? Hahaha!

Gian, Janna, and Mica! We ate lunch at Bon Chon - University Mall. We talked about, well, you know, Tumblr, and our idols here. Mehehe.

Mica’s hihihi.

We went to Noriter to chill. Yay, it’s my first time to go there though it’s just a few minutes away from Benilde.

Janna banana na nakakasawa lagi kong nakakasalubong. :(( Just kidding. Ah lav yoo!

Gian before Jasmin Curtis tweeted her hahaha. I actually sent that tweet, okay. But I couldn’t take credit for it. We literally screamed when we saw her tweet! And then the people stared at us dsjfsdlkgjsdlg awkwaaaaaardddd…

Janna’s something frap and my Oreo cheesecake!

We kind of left Gian alone and we took photos. We even took photos inside the restroom!

Mica having fun inside the restroom trolololol.

Hi, guys. Pagbigyan.

Janna’s masterpiece.

When you see it…

Zacc called! Kinikilig si Janna. HEHEHEHEHEHE. This was the time I sort of hacked Gian’s Twitter.

Idk, man. Basta I had a lot of fun today! And I hope soon enough, kumpleto na tayo! c:

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